Experience in the use Hondrocream

The story sent Andrey, underwent a severe injury and coping with the effects through the use of Hondrocream.

Hello. I wanted to share with you my experience of convalescence after a small "accident" that happened with me when Cycling. As a result of collision with another cyclist, I have a couple of bruises and a sprain. I do not recommend намечались Amateur competitions, and the doctor strain the body after the incident, I needed fast results without the consequences. Improvements appeared to be in really record time, thanks to Hondrocream.

How to deal with constant pain?

The Situation was hopeless — doctor in regular discussions continue to advise full rest, and estimated the date closer. I decided that even if you are not participating, then make a Threesome. But it was necessary to accelerate the recovery and to remove the pain syndrome. Injuries were complications on the joints, so I could move only with long pauses. Still not helping, my friend (medic), for this time, the practice at the other end of the city, what could not be near each time, when I needed support.

Advise you to ask friends who are fond of Cycling along with me, how do you get rid of the pain in muscles and joints in constant Training or after injury. The survey showed a result of — so I have learned Hondrocream.

Consultation with the doctor

You are using the ointment immediately after the recommendation I have. Firstly, Fear Of Side Effects. Secondly, the possibility of individual intolerance of components, and the typical "do no harm themselves should first consult your doctor to rule out". After short considerations, the specialist gave the green light and I bought Hondrocream.

The doctor recommended not to dwell only on ointments as there is no quick result can be a product. So I take my refuge in the case of complex measures, not procedures, the had to three times a week to the hospital excluded.

The result of Hondrocream

The result was not long in coming. I managed to get rid of настырной pain, the unpleasant sensations of the injury, caused serious inconvenience. I was difficult to move, but after using the cream the girl did not happen to get rid of the need to accompany me in the shower (quite embarrassing, I'm used to).

I should note that the instructions must be followed exactly, without forgetting that every burden will be on the victims limb complications in the future, and overload the body as a whole is not recommended during the recovery. A day cream RUB into bruises, I was able to speed up the recovery, even though you hold back, mindful of the recommendations of the doctor.

The effectiveness of the medium

Like I said, wait for a miracle, was no time. In combination with all prescribed treatments, and rich in vitamins food, my girlfriend, who supported a day that me and has helped I will be able to recover fully and get back the old flexibility of the legs. After the full restore I have for some time, the ointment is not used as a prophylaxis for the prevention of another Cycling is the next Trauma, and have to say, this helped me a lot, not to the well-known травматологу again after a fall on the ice after half a year after the "accident".

The ointment works, and makes it really fast. I may be interested in recommending it to all your friends, for Sport, and those who experienced all the consequences of a simple case.